How to Get Paid
to Build Your List!

“Follow My Simple Step-by-Step Approach of Using CPA Affiliate Marketing to Build Your Lists
– All While Getting Paid to Do It”
From The Desk Of Jay Garces Jr.
– NYC, New York

Dear Newbie Marketer,I’m going to reveal how you can quickly start building a BIG List of offer-hungry subscribers — all while putting cash in your pockets while doing it…Not only that, but I’ll even show you how to earn money from that same list long after you’ve built it.

So, stay with me. Your online success may hinge on every word you read on this page.

“Can I Really Get Paid for Building My List?”

Yes you can!

Now, I’m willing to bet a lot of money you’ve heard this before…

“The Money is in the List!”

And that’s 100% correct. As a matter of fact, it’s something every Top IM Guru will tell you.

You gotta have a list. That’s how the real money is made in marketing.

But has anyone ever told you that you can actually get paid to build your list?

Better still… has anyone actually shown you how you can get paid to build your list?

Well, I’m here to tell you emphatically that, “Yes! You can get paid to build your list!”

And it doesn’t matter what size list either…

BIG Lists… Medium Lists… Tiny Lists… you can get paid for them all.

But Here’s the BIG Question…

Why Even Build a List?The straight and simple answer is because that is how you make more money in and for the LONG TERM.

You see, when folks say, “the money is in the list” – they literally mean it.

When you have a list of subscribers, you can:

1. Email them offers over and over again – for FREE (sending email is free for now)
2. Pick up and take your list wherever you go (lists are stored in digital files)
3. Rent it to other marketers (this makes you lots of money)
4. Sell the list

But things get a lot more interesting when you factor in…

The Email-List Money Math!

Suppose you build a list of 500 using my method. Now, suppose you mail your list an offer and you earn $1000.

Email List Money Math says that your subscribers are worth $2 each ($1000 / 500 = $2).

So, all things being equal… what do you think happens when you build your list to 1000 or 2000 or more?

That’s right! Your income can grow.

Can you now understand why “The Money’s In the List”?

So, at the end of the day, if you’re not building your list – you’re losing money!

But I’m getting ahead of myself because here’s the “10 Million-Dollar Question”…

POP QUIZ — Which Do You Think Is Better?

 Building Your List – Then Waiting to Make Money From It
In the Long Term?


Building Your List… Getting Paid While You’re Doing It… AND Still Making Money From it In the Long Term?

Of course you’d go with “B”!And that’s exactly what I show you how to do in my guide.


CPA List Code details my brain-dead, simple, step-by-step method anyone can use to immediately start building a list – and get paid for doing it using CPA Affiliate offers.
  • It’s Made Just for Newbies
  • It’s Super Simple To Do
  • And You Can Get Started Right Away

A Newbie’s Confession…
(Don’t Let This Happen to You!)

I stared Affiliate Marketing many years back. And even though I was a “newbie” – I caught on fast and made quite a bit of money. However, I never built a list of subscribers or customers.

So, years later, when I sold my websites… that was it. Although I did make a nice sum for the sale of the sites – I had no list. So, I couldn’t make any more money from that.

Then, I got into CPA Affiliate Marketing… and I’ve earned quite a bit of money with this too.

But I caught myself making the same mistake!

You see, the mistake I was making was the same one most Newbies make when starting Affiliate or CPA Marketing:

And that’s selecting an offer – then sending traffic to that offer via “Direct Linking”.

That’s when it hit me. Why not keep running CPA offers, but build a list at the same time using my own lead-capture pages instead?In that way, I could earn money immediately on the front end AND then again from backend offers as well!

And that’s exactly what I started doing… building a list and getting paid for it!

So, now I was making an immediate income with CPA offers…

Building multiple lists at the same time…

And still had the opportunity to make money – for the Long Term – with backend offers!

How cool is that!?

With CPA List Code you can now say Goodbye to no lists – and no earnings!

I’ve Tested This… It Works!

Here’s some of my initial testing…

$67.50 after quick test

And some more testing…

Another $133.00

And even more testing… ramping things up a bit (traffic, landers, etc.)…

$368.75 after scaling up!

All the income generated was produced as I build different lists!

And when the dust settled… my lists started looking like this!

This is like getting a list of highly qualified prospects — for FREE!

And you can tap into it – over and over again – because it’s YOUR list.

This is Not a “Loophole”, “Mind Screw”, or “Temporary Trick”

So, you don’t have to worry about this method disappearing tomorrow.

Now, listen closely because this is very important…

Don’t think that you can just slap an opt-in form on any ol’ landing page and start making bank.

That’s not the case.

Anyone who knows me or has purchased anything from me will tell you that I’m a fanatic when it comes to testing.

In my guide, I show you what works and why. And it’s all based on my test results – not guess work.

My New CPA List Code version is jam-packed with all the information you need to start applying this short and long term money-making method right away.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Imagine… finally having your own subscriber list that you can market to over and over again – just like the Big-Named Gurus!And imagine actually earning money as you build it!

This is a real game changer.

How many lists would you build if you knew you could earn money while actually building it?

What niche markets would you boldly go after?

Once you learn this method and put it into practice… there’s no shortage of markets you can break into.

Of course, if you’ve ever purchased anything from me – then you already know that I like to arm you with as much knowledge and tools as possible to help you succeed.

So, just for getting my CPA List Code – I’m going to throw in these bonuses as well…

The Autoresponder Code Extractor Script

Do you hate having to wade through tons of Autoresponder HTML, CSS, and Code just to add an Opt-in form to your landing page?

You know what happens…

You copy all the code, search for the actual HTML form, take note of the form’s name and email input fields…

Carefully delete the code you don’t need – then hope you got it all correct.

Now, this is all fine and dandy if you know what you’re doing.

But if you’re a newbie, it can be a scary thing, because you don’t want to make a mistake.

Well, with the Autoresponder Code Extractor Script – that’s a thing of the past.

Specifically designed to be super intuitive, this cool script takes your autoresponder code…

And places it on your Ultimate CPA Landing Page’s code – at the click of a button.

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to use!

STEP 1: Slap you Autoresponder code on it

STEP 2: Click the Button

STEP 3: BAM! Your Autoresponder Code is instantly extracted!

Again – very easy to use… and it comes as a BONUS just for getting CPA List Code Now

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to know How to Get Accepted Into Just About Any CPA Affiliate Network… then I have you covered on that too.

As an additional Bonus; I’m going to give you my guide, “The Ultimate CPA Network Approval Guide” to make sure you learn what it takes to get CPA Networks to welcome you with open arms.

  • Learn What the CPA Networks don’t want – and how to avoid it
  • Learn What they DO want – and how to give it to them
  • How to actually get approved without a web site
  • Real examples of what to say if a Network calls you
  • And more!

STOP! Read This Now

As great as I think my guide is – it’s not for everyone

Who This Is For…

  • Newbies, Beginners, and Novices
  • Anyone looking to build a list and get paid for doing it
  • Anyone wanting to learn basic strategies of earning money with CPA

Who This Is NOT For…

  •       Expert, Veteran, or “Seasoned” Marketers
  • Those who don’t care for list building at all
  • Those seeking “Push-button” and “Magic” income or “Get-rich-quick” schemes
  • Haters and Negative people – you know who you are!
  • Lazy people. There’s still a bit of work involved with this tactic. The Lazy need not apply.

Why Buy From Me?

I’ve been marketing online for quite a long time and am known on Facebook Jv and Marketing groups.As well, I’ve worked with other Big-Named marketers like William Souza, the creator of CPA Evolution 2.0 — one of the best CPA Marketing Training Platforms online.

Ask around.  You can even check my posts on the Warrior Forum… I’m the one typically answering the questions.

The products I create are based on things I actually do…

And also based on results I’ve actually achieved – results backed up by solid testing.

But I’m going to make things super duper easy for you.

I’m going to take away all the risk off of you ordering my CPA List Code product by giving you my “Prove Me Wrong” Money Back Guarantee.

I Stand 100% Behind My Products


You’re Protected With
My ‘Prove Me Wrong’ Guarantee

If after 30 Days of Using the Method I teach you, you can’t get even 1 person on your list without getting paid for it…

Then I’ll gladly give you
your money back.


Order Now!

  • Yes Jay! I Want to Start Building My List And Getting Paid for It Now!

~ I understand that this a great way for any Internet Marketing Newbie to start building a subscriber list AND get paid for doing it

~ I understand that in addition to getting CPA List Code, I’ll also be getting ALL the Bonuses you list above

~ I also understand that if after 30 Days of using your method I haven’t gotten 1 subscriber without getting paid for it – that I can ask for a refund

Yes! Of course you do.

And do you want to earn money from your list in the Long Term by promoting additional offers to them?

Yes! Of course you do.

Make it happen today. Order Now.

Onward and Forever Upward,

J. Garces Jr.

P.S. Remember – with CPA List Code, you’ll not only be able to earn an income on the Front-End… but on your Back-End offers as well.P.P.S. Do you want to put your list-building efforts into overdrive? Well, what are you waiting for? Get CPA List Code Now!