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From the Desk of Jay Garces Jr.
- NYC, New York

Dear Marketer,

12 "Holy-Crap!" Mobile Device FACTS

~ From Mobify

  • Nearly 60% of all US consumers own a smartphone.
  • Over 1 Billion people go online from their mobile device
  • Nearly 2/3 of people surveyed think better of brands when they provide a good mobile experience.
  • Tablet users spend more Money than PC users.
  • Over 25% of all emails are opened on mobile phones... Over 10% on tablets.
  • 25% of all searches are mobile-based.

~ From Cisco (the Network Giant)

  • Worldwide - mobile data traffic grew 81% in 2013.
  • In 2013's mobile data traffic was close to 18 times the size of the Entire World-wide Internet back in the year 2000.
  • The number of mobile-connected devices is now (in 2014) greater than the world’s population.
  • Tablets will exceed 15 percent of global mobile data traffic by 2016.
  • Smartphones will reach 66 percent of mobile data traffic by 2018.

It is calculated that nearly 33% of all web traffic comes from
Mobile Devices

That number grows everyday & in just
a few short years, that number is
expected to double!

Why Use Mobile-Ready "Responsive"
Affiliate Landing Pages?

Mobile-Ready "Responsive" Design is an HTML / CSS / Javascript Technology that allows you to create visually stunning Landing Pages that Look and Work great on all Mobile Devices...

Including Desktops!

NOT using this technology is a Huge Mistake!

You see, the PROBLEM is that Mobile Devices render your landing pages differently...

And because they do – it creates a Very Bad User Experience... kind of like biting into an apple you thought was crunchy and delicious – only to find out it was rotten.

And how bad an experience...

  • Your page loads slow because your mobile device is trying its best to display it
  •  It appears super small so your visitor now has to resize it
  • Oh, and in resizing it, your visitor totally misses the information she was searching for on the page
  • So now, your visitor has to scroll up and down and thumb-slide left and right to find what she wanted
  • Now, if she's patient enough to stay on your landing page after all this and finds the link or form she wanted... when she goes to click on it – OOOPS! Clicked the wrong area because it appears too tiny and her thumbs are too big.

Totally not liking your landing page

Sounds familiar? I'm willing to bet this has happened to you too.

But what do you think your visitor does instead of going through all the above?

That’s right! She abandons your site like a Kitty Kat fleeing a room full of rocking chairs. Yikes!

And this is happening to up to 33% of your visitors!

That's how you lose sales, opt-ins, and other conversions.

But you don't have to be a Victim to Landing Page Conversion Homicide.

Stop the Madness!

Get the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages

Your Mobile-Ready "Responsive" Landing Page Solution
for Crappy Pages that Don't Convert!

And They're Not Just for CPA Marketing!

You can use the Ultimate Landing Page for:

  • Traditional Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Or For Any Website You Want!

Because your landing pages appear beautifully, and the text and images are actually readable...

Your visitors stay on your site longer...

They engage with your offer longer...

And you reap the benefits of more sales, more opt-ins, and more conversions!

But Wait...

The Power of Using Mobile-Ready "Responsive" Landing Pages doesn't stop there.

Improve Your SEO Rankings!

As it turns out, NOT having mobile-ready responsive landing pages affects your SEO rankings too.

Just read what the Industry Experts have to say...

Search Engine Land:

"Google: In Future, Pages With Bad Mobile SEO Won’t Rank As Well In Mobile Search"



Mobile Mixed:

"Google Will Punish You If You Don’t Have A Mobile-Friendly Website"



SEO Roundtable:

"Google Takes Stance On Mobile SEO: Site Not Mobile Friendly, You Won't Rank Well."



As a matter of fact, Responsive Landing Page design is such a big deal that Google even states this on Adsense:

Google Adsense:

 "Improving the performance of these pages can lead to an improved experience for your users and increased traffic and earnings."

Now imagine what's happening to your Affiliate earnings!

Of course, you may be wondering if you really want the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages. "Can't I just run direct traffic or 'direct-link' to the offer?"

Sure you can... if you want to build the Merchant's business and provide him and his family with a lavish lifestyle.

There are 2 Main Reasons why you want to use the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages.

The first one is to pre-sell your visitors – because nothing works better on "cold-traffic" visitors than a landing page to "warm" them up to the offer.

The 2nd reason is the biggest and most important of all...

And that's to build your mailing list!

You've heard it before – "The Money is in the List!"

A mailing list is an asset. And owning a mailing list is one of the keys to building long-term business success.

If you're not building your mailing list – you're NOT building your long-term business. Period. You're building the Merchant's long-term business.

Furthermore, that's how you get more sales, more conversions, and opt-ins of course...

Capture the lead, then direct her to the CPA offer and earn some money...

Then follow up with her via email with another offer – and earn some money...

Then follow up with her again with another offer – and earn more money.

It's NOT Rocket Science.

The Ultimate 100% 'Done-for-You' Solution
for Your Landing Page Needs

  • NO Need to Build a Landing Page from Scratch
  • NO Wasting Time or Money Trying to Figure Out a Layout & Design that Works
  • One Landing Page – Multiple Screen-Size Displays!
  • They Literally Function Right Out of The Box
  • Works with all Modern Browsers!

Here's What You Get

90 Professionally Designed,
Mobile-Ready "Responsive" CPA Landing Pages
in the Hottest & Highest Paying Niches!

View Some Live Examples...

Business Opportunity Niche

(Work-at-Home; MLM Marketing; Surveys) -- Who doesn't want to work at home and enjoy the freedom of being their own boss? Now you can capture tons of hungry leads and promote your offer or opportunity!

Dating Niche

(Asian, Black, BBW, Christian, Latin, & More!) -- Super HOT and Super Profitable niche. Promote any dating offer from any CPA network with these pages!

Education Niche

(Degree Search, Scholarships) -- High-paying and there's never a shortage of traffic.

Financial Niche

(Credit Card, Credit Repair, Credit Score, Payday Loans, & More!) -- Promote financial offers ranging from $20 to $90 (or more!). This niche makes CPA Marketing worthwhile.

Gift-Card Niche

(Amazon, Target, Best-Buy, Victoria's Secret) -- I've banked a nice amount of coin simply running E-mail submit offers for Gift Cards. Now's your chance!

Health Niche

(Weight Lifting, Weight Loss) -- Help turn "couch potatoes" into fitness superstars! Just let your Ultimate CPA Landing Pages to all the "heavy lifting".

Insurance Niche

(Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance) -- This is one High-Paying niche that never gets saturated. Get your share of this multi-billion dollar pie. You can even use your pages to capture  leads and resell them... one of the advanced ways do make money with CPA.

Legal Niche

(Car Accident, Disability Benefits, Drunk Driving) -- Astronomical payouts... that's all I can say! With your Ultimate CPA Landing Page, you can target those who need legal help... or work out a contract with a legal professional to capture leads for him. The sky's the limit!

It's like owning your own "Landing Page Graphics Pack"!

Built for Conversions!

1. Proven Layout & Design

2. Professional, High-Quality Stock Photo – beautiful designs

3. Expert Copywriting (Available in Premium & Platinum Packages Only) – Save time by not writing the copy yourself… Save money by not hiring a copywriter!

4. Conversion Tactics & Technology to improve overall conversions

5. Visual Placeholders for Fast, Easy Editing

And the best thing is that the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages Are Easy & Fast to Use!

STEP 1: Open your Landing Page

STEP 2: Edit your Salescopy (for Standard Package Only)

STEP 3: Add your Affiliate Link… or Add your Autoresponder Code
(I show you how)

STEP 4: Save your page.

STEP 5: Upload to Website

BAM! Time to make money!

Years of Website-Design and Conversion-Tactic Experience have gone into each Ultimate CPA Landing Page.

The results are Landing Pages you can count on.

And by themselves, each Individual Page's Value is beyond compare...

$154 for Each One Design....

~ Professional, High-Quality Stock Photos - $50 (yes – high-quality images are expensive)

~ Coding & Programming - $27

~ Design & Layout - $27

~ Copywriting - $50

And You Get 90 Landing Pages in all to cover virtually all the niches you'd want to market a CPA Offer for...

In all, the Grand Total value for all 90 Pages is.... well, do the math (90 x $154).

But you can get the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages and finally start dominating CPA Marketing for a tiny fraction...

But, Oh my God! I can hear you now...

"But I don't know HTML! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Don't worry because I provide...

100% Support & Training

Video Training & Tutorials and even written Manuals just in case you need a little extra help.

Yes. In the member's area, you'll be able to access all the available "How To" Videos, Tutorials, and any additional Training Materials.

But again, the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages are easy to use and they've been designed to get you up and running as fast as you can.


Do I need to know HTML?

~ No. But you should be comfortable making your desired changes to your landing pages based on simple instructions given.

Do you provide support?

~Yes, as mentioned above, I provide full video training and tutorials and also provide instruction manuals for all my products.

Do you offer a refunds or a money-back guarantee?

~ I honor refunds under legitimate circumstances; particularly in the event the pages fail to work. But that’s not going to happen as the pages have been tested on All Modern Browsers.

How many years of online marketing experience do you have?

~ I’ve been marketing online since late 1999/early 2000.

Will you coach me?

~ This offer isn’t for coaching, so unfortunately no. But I may provide coaching in the future.

Can I have a “Review” Product?

~ No. All review products have already been distributed.

This is a fantastic product and offer! But I have no money. Can I pay you later?

~ Ummmm…. no.

Why should I trust you?

~ Do your “due-diligence”. Ask around. Ask big-named marketers like William Murray, William Souza, Kenster, and Martin “Icun” Crumlish about me. Or just go to the Warrior Forum and read my posts – I’m the one usually answering the questions.

Order The Ultimate CPA Landing Pages Now

Finally! Your CPA & Affiliate Marketing business will have a chance to thrive. And that long-term success you've been seeking is now within your reach.

NO more Fears or worries about your CPA campaigns being crippled before even getting out of the gate.

It's what you've been waiting for.

You made the smart choice because smart is what you are.

You've seen the evidence. You took action.

You got the Ultimate CPA Landing Pages working hard for YOU... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Now reap the rewards.

Onward and Forever Upward,

J. Garces Jr.

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